When you are looking to establish your house, one of the main important things you should consider is the drainage of the area. When the land has proper drainage, you will be able to avoid incidences of things like mosquitoes due to stagnant water in your space.

Proper drainage also improves the appearance of the space and allows the land to look rich, beautiful and healthy. In New Orleans, finding the best people to do your drainage and landscaping is very important. This is because of the wet climate of the region that calls for qualified drainage and landscaping personnel for your space.

In New Orleans, due to the high demand for landscaping and draining services, many companies have come up to provide these services.

We Have a Very Qualified Personnel

creww men out doing the workAs stated earlier, people living in New Orleans need the services of qualified personnel to take care of their drainage needs. This is because the rains are usually very heavy and poor systems may malfunction and lead to losses. This is why Big Easy Landscaping ensures that all our staff is very well trained and professional to ensure they do the best job.

Affordable Rates

We offer their services at the most affordable rates in New Orleans. Sometimes, drainage and landscaping may be very expensive, and that is why many people skip the procedure. At Big Easy Landscaping, we ensure that all our rates are very affordable to our clients. This ensures that they do not have to spend a lot of money in installing and repairing their drainage systems. This way, our clients can feel free to contact us whenever they need our help.

In addition to that, we guarantee you the following;

  • Safe cleaning of your drainage system. Most of the products that are used for cleaning drainage systems may cause plumbing problems. All the products we use are completely safe to ensure there is no risk of damage to the pipes.
  • We offer a wide range of solutions to fixing and installing the drainage systems in your home. This way, you are also able to choose which you are more comfortable with depending on the cost, design and time to install.


workerPeople living in New Orleans require the best landscaping and drainage experts. Big Easy Landscaping is a company that has been established to ensure that you get the best quality drainage and landscaping services. We install and fix both above and below the ground drainage systems.

This way, we can prevent the collection of pools on the ground in your space and also prevent erosion and over flooding of your plants. We are available for all our clients whenever they need drainage and landscaping services. We also offer free consultation services to all the residents of New Orleans concerning their drainage and landscaping concerns.