Many people with their home, especially in Cornwall where the majority of houses are of the older variety, lack adequate storage solutions. Even in more modern homes storage can be a problem. Custom wardrobes can solve the problem of inadequate storage as well as fit into spaces while not being obtrusive.

They are a practical solution and can frequently be adorned with the finish and fixings you like for a truly bespoke look. Here are three things that custom made wardrobes can do for you and your home:

 Storage space

Custom made wardrobes can be done in a combination of the following:

  •  all were hanging – ideal if it’s just extra storage for clothing, shelves – perfect for books, DVD’s, CD’s, games, games consoles and even tools, drawers or top boxes.
  •  excellent for the storage of blankets, duvets, and throws – meaning that whatever your storage problem a custom made wardrobe is a great solution.

 Are Limited on space

wardrobes Custom made wardrobes are of any size; they’re much better than standard ones as they are made to fit in with your house rather than your home fitting around a wardrobe that is unsuitable for the area either by not filling a gap or being too big or small for a room.

When a wardrobe is made for you, it is a one off, unique item – not only do you have fun designing a piece of furniture yourself but it is also an incredibly practical piece of furniture.

Not solely for use in the bedroom

Custom wardrobes are great for other parts of your house too.

Small narrow ones are applicable in the bathroom, for towels and toiletries. They can also be fixed in the hall for coats, umbrellas, and shoes/boots or in an office for files, stationery, and paperwork, full ones for the family room, basically, anywhere there’s a need.

As you can see, custom made wardrobes can do a lot for your home and needn’t be expensive. They offer storage solutions as well as being aesthetically pleasing. What more could you ask for? Take look at the many customs made wardrobes. Lifestyle WA offer custom wardrobes in Perth and you will eventually find the one that is right for you.

Many customs made closets are very competitive in price, and you may not pay more or considerably more than a woman on laptopstandard wardrobe while having the benefit of an item of pine furniture that does what you need it to do.
You can find a custom made wardrobe specialist either by a generic Internet search or by looking in your local business directory for furniture manufacturers. Sadly, due to the recession and imports from China, a lot of these smaller manufacturers have gone out of business.