Many people are worried about their security and the security of their home as they hear about burglaries and trespasses almost every day. Due to that, they think of providing their homes with a home security system, which requires spending some time before making the purchase. However, once you have decided to install an alarm system, you want to be sure that from that moment on, your home will be a safe place to live in.

Home security

cctvThere are plenty of home security tips that you can implement to make your house safe for a reasonable amount of money. According to that, you can find many hardware shops where you can buy safety locks for doors and windows, as well as safety chains for external doors. And, they all come with easy fitting instructions, of course. Still, if you think that you are incapable of fitting them alone, you can hire an expert to install them for you.

Installing motion sensitive lights outside your house can be a good idea

These lights are activated when someone or something comes close to your place. Of course, you don’t need them during the day, but don’t forget to turn them on in the evening or use a timer switch instead. Most people can afford to buy these lights, as they are not that pricey. What’s more, they are not complicated to install, but if you are not sure how to do it anyway, you can hire a professional to do the job.

Phone buzz system

In most cases, apartment buildings are protected with some security measures, such as a phone buzz system or a manned reception, but apart from these, you are advised to install an extra door lock or safety chains just to increase the level of your security. Not to mention, your door should have a spy hole, and the stairs and halls need to be well lit day and night. However, if your building is not equipped with a proper security alarm system, then you can try to talk with other occupants or the landlord about installing some, especially if the place where you live is known as a crime area.

Common sense precautions can save your life and property from being vandalized

man with gunEvery time you leave your home or go to bed in the evening you need to check that windows and doors are locked, and that should become your routine, as a matter of fact. Also, it is a good idea to put a few internal lights on a timer switch just to leave the impression that your house isn’t empty.

Cancel deliveries

Don’t forget to cancel the newspapers or other regular deliveries if you are leaving your place for a few days or more. You should never leave a spare key at some place outside your home. You should better give it to some of your friends or relatives whom you consider being trustworthy. Also, ask them if they are willing to keep an eye on your place while you are absent.

Write your name on possessions

Also, writing your name and address on your most cherished and precious possessions in the house with a security marking pen can be one of great home security tips. Still, this doesn’t guarantee you that they won’t be stolen, but it will help you trace an intruder if something like this happens.