Air duct cleaning is the process of ensuring all heating and cooling systems in the house are kept clean and free from dust at all times. This will ensure they are functioning normally and to the expectation required of them. These include the supply and return air ducts, grilles and diffusers, heating and cooling coils and much more. All ventilation systems in the house should be routinely maintained to keep them clean and increase their durability. One of the most reliable service provider in this area is the air duct cleaning. This will, in turn, save you a lot of money and ensure the atmospheric air in your house is clean and healthy to breathe.

General information


cleaning ceiling There are various companies and organizations that are entailed with the task of carrying out air duct cleaning in homes. They provide professional air duct and all ventilation cleaning services tailored towards enhancing safety and cleanliness of your ventilation systems. Regular cleaning of these ventilation systems comes with the following merits;

Quality indoor air

Heating and cooling system at homes are considered to be the lungs of every home as they cleanse and purify air in the house. A clean air inside a home will enhance comfort and healthy and will make the room comfortable and conducive to be in. there are majority of factors and elements in homes which contaminate air and render it toxic and harmful. But with an effective ventilation system, the air is cleansed to make it safe and healthy at all times. Cleaning the air duct systems at homes should therefore be a priority in order to ensure they function effectively which will lead to quality and conducive indoor air to breathe and make every member safe and comfortable.

Will help save big on energy bills

When the cooling or heating systems in a home are infested with dirt, it becomes difficult to operate and function and therefore uses a lot of energy. Most dirt particles cause rust and corrosion in moving parts of the air duct systems which will in turn increase friction and make the system difficult to revolve. This instance uses a lot of energy in order to keep the ventilation system moving. Regular cleaning of air ducts and all ventilation systems will keep rust at bay and therefore saves a lot on energy bills as the ventilation system will be revolving smoothly without interruption by dust or rust. Smooth rotation translates to less energy used and the ultimate low energy bills.

Eliminates unpleasant odors

In some instances there might be accumulation of dust and other dirt particles inside some ventilation systems which causes emanation of offensive odors in the house. These might be as a result of rodents and insects trapped inside the air duct or even faces and droppings of the said rodents causing unpleasant smell in the house. These might bring an unwanted discomfort at home and even becomes a big embarrassment to the guests. Regular cleaning of the ventilation system will get rid of these dead rodents and insects in the ventilation system and therefore will render the home environment pleasant and free from disgusting odors.

Will Prevent accidents

Ensuring clean air duct and other ventilation systems should be a priority in order to eliminate potential risks and accidents that might be caused by unfunctioning air duct systems. When the system is infested by rust it may chip or cause parts of the system to break and fall which may hit a member of the family and cause an accident. It also poses a potential danger to pets and domestic animals if a metal from the ventilation system breaks and fall on them. When the air duct gets rust it increases friction which may cause fire in case a gas or paraffin comes in contact with it, it will cause fire which will destroy the entire house and even lives.

With these benefits, cleaning air duct should therefore be a priority for the heating and cooling systems to function properly in the house and bring these merits. The question of when to clean the air duct will then present itself. You should consider cleaning the air duct when you notice the following;

Mold growth in the air duct

It might be a bit difficult to detect growth of molds in some parts of the system, but it is advisable to look for warning signs which might indicate advancing of molds in the air duct system. Availability of mold indicates that the ventilation system has been compromised and may not only lead to poor air quality in the house, but also may totally damage the air duct. It is therefore important to clean it early enough to safeguard it and ensure it functions optimumly.

When air duct is blocked with dust and debris

When such a situation occurs with your ventilation system, it is a clear indication that it is functioning slowly and if no intervention is taken it will render the system totally out of order. It should therefore be thoroughly cleaned to bring it back to its functioning state.

When the air duct is infested by cobwebs, insects or rodents

air ductA well functional air duct should be free from any insect, rodent or cobwebs. When these are witnessed in the ventilation system it is a sign that it is not functioning well and may later lead to damage of the system. This is a clear indication that the system needs cleaning immediately.